Preparing for Orientation

Take these steps to prepare for and complete your Orientation requirement.

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    Register for Orientation.

    You can register for orientation after you’ve confirmed your intent to enroll and paid your enrollment fee. After you've paid your fee, login to your Next Steps portal to register for Orientation.

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    Complete your Pre-orientation Program.

    You can access your Pre-orientation Program (POP) through your Next Steps Portal. We recommend starting it at least two weeks before your orientation date.

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    Submit your photo for your NIU OneCard.

    You'll need to submit a photo for your NIU OneCard (student ID). Within 3 business days of registering for Orientation, you'll receive an email with instructions on uploading a photo to be used on your ID. Check your NIU email account for a message from the OneCard Office with the subject line “NIU OneCard Photo Submission.”

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    Complete your Student Financial Agreement.

    You must complete the Student Financial Agreement in MyNIU before you attend Orientation and register for classes for the 2023-2024 academic year. You'll find the agreement listed as a task on your To Do List in the MyNIU Student System. View our step-by-step instructions on how to complete it. If you have specific questions about the agreement, please call 815-753-1885 or email
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    Attend Orientation on your registered date.

    On your Orientation date, we'll connect you with helpful resources, engage with departments essential to your success, meet with your academic advisor and register for classes. 

    You can prepare for registering for classes by:

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    Complete your Post-Orientation Program (POP 2.0).

    Once you've attended your Orientation date, you'll be emailed a link to POP 2.0, a self-guided module that will help you learn more about how to get involved and engaged on campus to make the most of your time at NIU.

Changing Your Major

Please note: If you changed your major since you applied to NIU, you must submit a change your major form. We'll confirm the change within 48 hours. We may contact you to reschedule your orientation date.

Placement Exams

Most of our transfer students do not need to complete placement exams prior to their Orientation date, but we recommend that you review the information on the Testing Services website, and reach out to Testing Services at if you have any questions. 

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